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原始、原由、原動力、原則、原創成就了現在的 原設計

原設計 , 是多元化的設計工作室 , 致力於提供專屬的設計與優良的服務 . 我們相信 , 與客戶之間良好的溝通  , 是促使一件案子完成與否最重要的關鍵  , 當然我們專業的經驗與全心的投入 , 也是我們完成許多成功案子最基本的因素 . 


具備相當的國際觀與前瞻性的設計思維,從極簡主義理的現代美學概念出發,脫離繁復而傳統的具象架構,從藝術 造型客制化的意象,發展出美的定義,探究設計帶給空間的精緻度及便利性,隨著互動模式的安排,發現設計的旨趣,不再單一與刻板,讓生活經驗變得豐富而更多想像,從簡約的單純中,衍生出空間無限的可能,形塑客制化獨特的表情。


Is a multidisciplinary firm with an established commitment to design excellence and client service. It is our belief that the workingrelationship between designer and client is what ultimately determines the success of any projects. Professional experience and personal involvement with the client's needs and budget make for Successful projects.


The firm offers a complete range of architectural services, from conceptual design to on-site supervision and Project management. Working with specialty consultants , we also offer services such as graphic design and all fields of engineering & landscape design. Our interior design services can also include furnishings consultation and procurement. We are committed to making projects that are more energy efficient,healthier places and Produce a less disruptive impact on the environment. 

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